DWC Token gets featured on Chinese Online Media


BiShiJie.com is one of the leaders in Chinese online media. The latest news stories about global cryptocurrencies can be seen at BiShiJie's “Coin World News” section on their webpage.

Digital Wallet Corporation’s DWC Token was spotted by BiShiJie.com several times, where most of its articles about the DWC Token is to document its increase in value. DWC Token Value has risen to 6 times its initial value of 1 DWC = 0.10 USDT in less than a month. Highest Attained Value of DWC Token is 0.641682 USDT and Highest Attained Closing Price is 0.620255 USDT (as of 2019-09-26).

Here are some of the articles from BiShiJie featuring DWC Token value rise (Chinese Only):




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