Terms of Use of DWC Token



1. Carefully consider the risks and disadvantages of purchasing.

2.We are not responsible for any loss of indirect loss, incidental loss, derivative loss, tort, or any other kind of damage raised to the purchasers based on understanding, recognition and trust of the contents of the White Paper.

3.The Purchaser needs to manage SEED and PRIVATE KEY.  If you do not accurately manage them, it may lead to loss of DWC. We are not liable for these losses.

4.Purchase of DWC is conclusive and not refundable.

5.Remittance, investment, or real estate service is regulated and ruled by law or restriction by government in some countries.  Any change of rules, law, regulation etc. may require license acquisition or stop service partially or entirely.  There is risk that Digital Wallet Project will be delayed or stopped by such situation.

6.We will try our best to start a new service and  expand our business based on our roadmap; but, official release may be delayed.


The Purchasers’ Statement and Understanding

1.The purchaser understands that DWC purchase is conclusive and non-refundable.

2.The purchaser understands DWC that the price and value of DWC may  fluctuate significantly as well as other crypto currencies.

3.The purchaser understands that DWC holders shall not obtain any rights or influence on our organization and management.

4.The purchaser understands that DWC is not in any form of securities in the purchaser's jurisdiction.

5.The purchaser understands that it is deemed necessary that you have read, understood, and accepted the contents of White Paper if you purchase DWC.


Update of White Papers and Token Sale Information

At its discretion, we shall reserve the right to change, amend, append or delete some of this White Paper and terms of token sale at any time.  The Purchaser of DWC will be deemed appropriate to accept all changes by purchasing.


Terms & Conditions for DWC Token

This document is intended solely to provide information to prospective buyers and does not represent or comprise an offer, proposal, recommendation, or solicitation for the sale of stocks or marketable securities, nor is it intended to be construed in any jurisdiction as a proposal, recommendation, or solicitation for the purchase of securities. The below terms of use (“Terms”) have not been submitted to or registered with a regulatory body in any jurisdiction, have not been subject to review or approval  by any regulatory body, nor is there any plan to do so.

No control rights are assigned to the token (DWC, hereafter “Token”). Possession of Tokens does not imply granting holders of the same ownership rights, equity, shares, or equivalent rights to DWC, the right to a part of future proceeds, intellectual property rights, or other asset rights. While we may be able to incorporate community opinions and feedback in the design of the Token, possession of Tokens does not grant holders the right to participate in the decision-making process concerning the Digital Wallet Project.

1.  Purpose

Details on the Token issuing company (“Company”), developer, and a summary of the Token can be found in sections 6 through 8 of this document. The Token is not designed as a form of prepayment, electronic money, cryptocurrency, marketable security, commodity, or other financial instrument. The Company retains the right to trade the Token in the future on cryptocurrency exchanges, but it does not bear a duty to do so.

2. Cancellation and refuse of application for purchase

The purchase of Tokens from the Company during the sale period is final and, excluding where required by applicable laws or regulations, buyers shall not request refunds or cancellations. The Company reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, refuse or cancel applications for the purchase of Tokens per conditions surrounding the sale of Tokens.

3. Recognition of risks

Buyers acknowledge the below risks associated with the purchase, possession, and/or use of the Token and consent to the same. By purchasing the Token, buyers explicitly acknowledge these risks and bear them.

(a) No warranty on income or profit

  The examples of calculation of income and profits used in this document are intended solely for explanatory purposes and/or to show industry average. No warranty is made that these results will be obtained through the marketing plan.

(b) Regulatory uncertainty

  Blockchain-related technologies are audited and managed by a range of regulatory bodies around the world. The Token may be subject to restrictions through system functionality and/or future Token purchases processes. This Token may be subject to restrictions on its use or possession in a manner equivalent to other cryptocurrencies.

(c) The token is not an investment instrument

  The Token is not an official or legally binding investment in any form. The purpose detailed herein may be subject to revision or change in order to account for unforeseen circumstances. Irrespective the success and failures of certain goals described in this document, all persons and parties involved in the purchase of Tokens do so at their sole discretion and risk.


(d) Value of the token

  The Token is not intended to be construed as an investment, but it may be subject to value over time.  The value of Token may be decreased based on the status and progress of  the Digital Wallet Project.


(e)  Risk of loss of capital

  No warranty is made on the funds collected during the ICO/IEO procedures. In the event of loss or forfeiture of value, there is no individual or public insurance agent the purchaser can utilize, nor is the Company enrolled in private insurance.


(f)  Risk of failure

  This project represents a variety of risks inherent to business and the operation of a company, among them funds raised during ICO/IEO procedures and/or the failure of the Digital Wallet Project or all of its subsequent marketing activities.


(g) Risk by law and regulation

  Remittance, currency exchange, investment, and real estate services are restricted by laws and regulations of respective country.  There may be change of laws and regulations that require license, restrict service, or ban service.  Digital Wallet Project may encounter such situation and could be delayed or stopped by them.  

4.  Security

Buyers are responsible for taking appropriate measures to safeguard the requisite private keys or access credentials needed for wallets, vaults, or other token storage mechanisms or mechanisms therein and used for the retention of Tokens bought from the Company.

Where the buyer’s private key or other credentials are lost, the buyer may lose access to the Tokens. The Company and/or developer waive all liability for said loss.

5. Personal Information

The Company may, at its sole discretion and in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning the sale of the Token, require certain information from buyers. In this case, buyers shall consent to immediately provide the information required for said requests, and acknowledge that the Company can refuse to sell or transfer Tokens until the sale of Tokens to the buyer is confirmed to be permitted per applicable laws and/or regulations.

6. Taxes and public dues

Buyers are solely responsible for all applicable tax (including but not limited to consumption tax, sales tax, use tax, value-added tax) on support and donations to the Company. Buyers are also responsible for withholding the correct taxable amount, collecting it, and reporting it to the appropriate tax authorities and making payment thereof. The Company waives all liability for tax withholding, collection, reporting, and/or payment (including but not limited to consumption tax, sales tax, use tax, and value added tax) associated with support or donation to the Company by buyers.

7. Representations and warranties

In purchasing the Token, the buyer makes the following representations and warranties. In the event that a buyer violates any of the warranties and representations in the clause, the Company explicitly reserves herein the right to take measures it deems appropriate at its sole discretion, including but not limited to suspending or removing the buyer’s account.


(a)  I have read these Terms (all pages in their entirety) and fully understand them.


(b)  That, in understanding these terms and evaluating the risks and effects pursuant to purchase of Tokens, the buyer fully understands the functionality of the Token, mechanisms of transfer of encrypted tokens and other important features, mechanisms for the storage of tokens (token wallets, et cetera), blockchain technology, and blockchain-based software.


(c)  That, because decisions to support the Company through the Token are based on access to adequate information, sufficient information on the Token was obtained.


(d)  That the Token does not grant any rights, in whatever form, associated with Digital Wallet Group, the Company, or its affiliates. The rights buyers recognize as not being granted herein include but are not limited to right to vote, distribution, redemption, settlement, assets (including intellectual property in any form), and other asset and legal rights.


(e)  Buyers purchase Tokens in order to support the creation of the Digital Wallet Project ecosystem. Buyers do not buy Tokens for purposes that include but are not limited to investment, speculation, and other financial ends.


(f)  That in purchasing Tokens, the buyer complies with (i) lawful activity and other applicable requirements or thresholds in the buyer’s jurisdiction for the entering into a contract with the Company for the purchase of tokens; (ii) applicable exchange rates and regulations on said purchase; (iii) all requisite governmental approval or authorization for the acquisition of Tokens, but not limited to the above; and the laws and regulations of the buyer’s jurisdiction.


(g)  Full compliance with all applicable tax duties in the buyer’s applicable jurisdiction and arising from the purchase of the Token.


(h)  Where a buyer purchases Tokens through another entity on the buyer’s behalf, the buyer has the right to consent to these Terms on behalf of the entity, and the entity bears liability for violations of these Terms by the buyer or other officers or agents of the entity (in this case, the “buyer” in these Terms shall be treated as the collective entity of the buyer and the applicable entity).


(i)  Buyers are not (i) domiciled residents of a country, region, or territory barred from accessing the Token through law, statutes, regulations, treaties, or other administrative measures; (ii) citizens or residents of, or persons with a place of address in, a country, region, or territory subject to sanctions or embargoes by the United States or other sovereign nations; (iii) not a person employed by a person or entity identified by the United States Department of Commerce individual or organization trade ban list, the United States Department of the Treasury Specially Designated Nationals List or otherwise blocked by the same, or the United States Department of Defense blacklist; and (iv) have not had a financial, business, employment, and/or proxy relationship, now or in the past, with anti-social forces, nor engaged in business, trade, provision or transfer of profits, or other transactions (including temporary and ongoing) to or with the same.

 8. Disclaimers

(1) To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, and unless explicitly stated in writing by the buyer, (A) Tokens are sold “as-is” and to the “extent available,” with no warranties. The Company explicitly denies all implicit warranties on the Token, including but not limited to its merchantability, applicability for specific purposes, origin of rights, and/or non-infringement and (B) makes no warranty or representation that the Token is reliable, the latest of its kind, free of defects, meets the requirements of the buyer and/or that defects will be remedied or resolved in the future. (C) The Company cannot make warranty or representation that the mechanism for transfer of Tokens is not infected or compromised by a virus and/or other harmful component, and makes no such warranty or representation.


(2)  The buyer consents that in the event that various factors render Tokens unusable, the loss is the sole liability and risk of the Token buyer, and Digital Wallet bears no liability to the parties therein. Starting on and after the issue date, the Token is sent to buyers with no explicit or implicit warranties and with no infringement on the intellectual property of other parties.


(3)  Because certain jurisdictions do not recognize the exclusion of implicit warranties and/or implicit disclaimers in contracts with consumers, the above exclusions and disclaimers may, in whole or in part, not apply.

9. Limitation of Liability 

(1) To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, (I) the Company, developers, and/or persons affiliated with the Company waive all liability under all circumstances for all indirect, special, incidental, inevitable, and/or derivative or secondary damage and/or loss (including but not limited to loss of revenue, income, and/or profit, use and/or loss of data, or loss associated with suspension of a business) resulting from the sale and/or use of the Token, irrespective of the contract, unlawful conduct (including but not limited to active, passive, and/or attributable loss), or other legal and/or theory of equity therein (even where the parties were made to know about the possibility of said loss or where the loss could have been predicted), the format or structure of the law or lawsuit notwithstanding;  (II) the total debt owed by (and including that shared with) developers, the Company, and/or its affiliates resulting from the use of or inability to use the Token, irrespective the contract, warranty, unlawful conduct (including but not limited to active, passive, and/or attributable loss), or other rationale therein, shall not exceed in any case the amount paid by buyers of the Token.

(2)  The restrictions in the clause above also apply to liability resulting from gross negligence, fraud, or intentional or inadvertent actions by developers or the Company, and that the application of the same clause shall not be restricted or excluded.

(3)  In some jurisdictions, restrictions and/or exclusion of collateral and/or incidental damage are not recognized. Therefore, some of the restrictions of this article may not apply to specific buyers.

10. Exemptions

To the maximum extent possible by applicable law, buyers shall exempt developers, the Company, and affiliate companies of the Company from all liability, bills, requests, and/or damage (actual or consequential) resulting from disputes between buyers or execution or non-execution of a specific act by a third party, whether known or unknown (includes but is not limited to past allegations).

11. Governing law and court of jurisdiction

Irrespective the conflict of laws, such as the application of the laws of other jurisdictions (the jurisdiction notwithstanding), these Terms comply with the laws and regulations of Estonia and shall be interpreted and executed per the same. Disputes arising between parties concerning these Terms, their subject, or effectivity (including disputes concerning bills outside of these Terms) shall be resolved at the Judiciary of Estonia.

12. Miscellaneous Provisions

(1) These Terms constitute full agreement between the parties to the matter(s) described herein. All prior contracts, discussions, presentations, warranties, and/or terms are encompassed by this document. Unless explicitly stated in this agreement, no explicit or implicit warranties, terms, or contract are made between the parties.

(2)  The Company may make changes to these Terms where reasonably necessary for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Where changes are made to these Terms, the Company shall publish the revised terms at the following URL: [www.dwcproject.com]. Changes made to the Terms are effective immediately. The Company may transfer its rights or duties as stipulated in these Terms. Non-execution of any of the rights or terms of these Terms does not constitute a waiver or forfeiture of said rights or terms. Where a delay or nonperformance is the result of causes that exceed reasonable control, the Company does not bear liability for delay or nonperformance of duties per these Terms. The purchase of Tokens from the Company does not imply any form of partnership, merger, or creation of other relationship between the buyer and Company. Excluding where stipulated in these Terms, these Terms are intended for the sole interest of the buyer and Company and shall not be construed to grant third party beneficiary rights to any person or entity. Buyers consent to and acknowledge that all communications with buyers by the Company concerning but not limited to contracts, notices, and disclosure shall be made electronically.

(3)  Since arbitrary individuals are unable to freely buy and sell the product,  DWC token is, we believe,  not classed as a “cryptocurrency” as seen in the law of Japan and elsewhere, and given that no direct or indirect dividends are made against the purchase of Tokens, it does not violate the Payment Services Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other laws and statutes. In the event of any conflict with law as the result of changes to the surrounding climate, immediate corrective action shall be taken.